Two Postdoctoral Positions in the Anderson Lab University of Wisconsin – Madison

Two Postdoctoral Positions in the Anderson Lab University of Wisconsin – Madison

The Anderson Lab at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is looking to hire two postdoctoral researcher positions in distinct areas of fungal biology.

One position is working to identify the genetic basis of differences in commensalism and pathogenesis between strains of the fungal pathogen Candida albicans. This project will use a mixture of genetic and molecular biology approaches to dissect out genes and pathways that are important in the balance between commensalism and virulence.

The second position will explore the human microbiome with a particular focus on the microbial eukaryotes that make up these communities. This work will include aspects of testing microbial associations with autoimmunity and community centered research to direct benefit back to those who are participating.

These projects contribute to the Anderson Lab’s broader goals to understanding genetic and microbial diversity and its contribution to organismal adaptation and fitness. To do this we use a combination of experimental and computational work to define hypothesis by analyzing large datasets and then experimentally testing them in the laboratory. Together, our group of students, postdocs, and staff are working on areas of fungal biology we find compelling individually and as a collective. We look forward to having you join a group of people that find strength in our distinct perspectives, experiences, and histories.

The Anderson Lab recently moved to the Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Campus boasts at least 28 fungal-focused labs that meet regularly as part of the Fungal Supergroup. Additional support is found in the Microbiome Hub and the J.F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution. You can learn more about the Anderson lab here:


  • Collegial/willingness to support lab mates
    • PhD or research-focused doctorate degree in a biological discipline
    • Inquisitive and motivated
    • Ability to communicate effectively


To inquire, please send an email to containing:

  • A CV
  • Statement of interest


Laboratory of Genetics

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

School of Medicine and Public Health

425 Henry Mall, Madison, WI  53706

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